On the traditional New Year, the image of the family gathering in Banh Chung pot is beautiful and meaningful to all of us. 
A Tet will not be complete without the blue of the banh chung (glutinious rice cake), life in chaos and worries, but a glutinous rice cake on the altar must be there. 
This is the opportunity for grandparents and grandchildren before the glittering atmosphere of spring,
Banh Chung is not only meaningful nutrition but it is the beauty of our nation's spiritual life. The meaning of banh chung (glutinious rice cake) not only expresses the heart to the ancestors, but Banh Chung also symbolizes heaven and earth.
Luxtery Hotel has traditionally introduced its culture to the world and its customers. 
Give the customer a sense of warmth, togetherness, union and happiness as being in their own home.
Luxtery Hotel would like to wish you a happy new year, prosperity, prosperity and happiness.

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