🔥WHAT’S NEW EVENTS AT 20:00 DAY 09/06???

Stage between the two powers Portugal🇵🇹️ and Sweden🇸🇪️will have the author of the realty of the real buddy and the symbol.
The second time to come back to Da Nang to attend the fireworks festival, to give full surprise to the audience in the fireworks coming, the Portuguese team will bring to the audience impressive moments and colorful , the rich emotions of friendship by the combination of music and fireworks system with 7 different positions.

Still: The Swedish team said: “We will bring the DJ technique into the night fireworks. The aspirations” One night, “The Bridge of Hope” promises full of new, young and attractive, surely will satisfy the expectations. wait of the audience Come to the Luxtery Hotel- 136 Pham Van Dong, place yourself a fireworks ticket on the 20th floor of the SUNSET BAR, to see the Portuguese and Swedish performances !!!!!!!

💰 Price : 300.000vnd/1 ticket
Tickets included 1 optional water unit and 1 set of pastries

📞 Contact hotline : 0905.758.882  or 0236.87.28.28 or a dot to Ad ib directly to you 😘

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